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Hair Cutting and Styling/Colour
Hair is an important part of the visual presentation and not only are the right cut and style is important, but the right colour can greatly change the total appearance as well. Certain shades go better with certain skin tones, eye colours, and clothing. There are many ways to enhance looks with different hues, highlights, lowlights, and other techniques to add something to the hairstyle.

Changing the colour of the hair is as vital as changing the length or style, which is why it is important to first determine which shades are better fitted for each look.

There are four main shades for hair colours and those are blonde, brunette, red, and black. These main shades can have different hues as well such as golden brown, dark red, and a lot of other choices as well. Each hair colour has its own properties for defining looks and each can look great. Selecting the right hair colour can get complicated due to the number of shades but sticking to natural hair colour and adding different complimentary shades can really spruce up a hairstyle and the overall look. Changing hair colour totally from natural colour can be dramatic if a person is not prepared but can be also very invigorating and fresh as it opens up many different looks and styles.

The team at Vanilla Hair Design successfully work to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere within their stylish salon. Offering a totally personal service to their clients, in-depth consultations are used to determine your exact requirements. Speaking in terms that you can understand, each stylist will explain exactly what is necessary to achieve the desired results, offer professional advice and most importantly, listen to you.



Hair Cutting and Styling
Fringe Trim £3.00
Childs Cut (Pre School) £8.00
Gents Cut £9.00
Detailing from £6.00

Ladies Dry Cut (Trim) £17.00

Shampoo/blow-dry with extensions from £23.00

Cut/Blow Dry from £28.00

Cut/Blow Dry with extensions from £32.00

Perm/Cut/Blow Dry from £51.00

Spiral Perms from £86.00

Put Ups from £17.00

Intense conditioning treatment from £12.00 OR if having with other treatments now £8.00


Full Head Colour/Cut/Blow Dry from £63.00

Half Head Foils/Cut/Blow Dry from £57.00

Full Head Foils/Cut/Blow Dry from £63.00

Regrowth/Cut/Blow Dry from £48.00

Cap Highlights/Cut/Blow Dry from £52.00


When booking a treatment please inform the stylist of any medical conditions which may affect the treatment or if you are pregnant.

If booking a full head colour or if you havent had it coloured in our salon before, you will need to call in atleast 24 hours before your appointment for a skin test.


If you can't make your appointment please let us know within 24 hours beforehand.

If you have any questions about our services or any services that are not listed, please phone or call in. We will be happy to advise.